French Press Coffee Maker Copper 8Cups/1L


  • 🌵 FOOD GRADE MATERIALS – Our French Press Maker is made of High borosilicate glass body, heat-resistant and explosion-proof, can withstand the instantaneous temperature difference of 200 ℃; 
  • 🌵 PORTABLE DESIGN – The small size is perfect for making single serve coffee , you can taste the freshest coffee every time. The individual sized is easy to carry which will be perfect for trips, camping adventures or at work.
  • 🌵 MULTIPLE USES – Professional French Press Coffee Maker is the best small brewer for your morning cup of coffee; Coffee is the primary purpose, but you can also use it to make tea, espresso, milk frother, hot chocolate.
  • 🌵 EXCELLENT FILTRATION SYSTEM – The Coffee Press Maker has a three-layer filter system, 304 stainless steel filter screen to capture the smallest coffee grounds in the coffee. 
French Press Coffee Maker Copper 8Cups/1L £19.75

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French press coffee maker copper benefits?French press coffee is made by steeping coarse ground coffee in hot water, leading to a rich and aromatic cup of coffee. The biggest advantage of using this manual brewing method is that you’re in control of the whole process, rather than letting a machine do it for you. You get to decide the grind, water temperature, and steeping time so that you can make a cup of coffee perfectly suited to your personal tastes. Our glass French press is also portable, easy to clean, and brews 34oz per batch.
How much coffee does it make?Our French press coffee maker is designed with a large capacity glass carafe. It can hold up to 34oz (1000ml) of French press coffee, which translates to 8 4oz cups of coffee.
How to use the French press?Use 2 tbsp of coarse ground coffee per every 6oz of water. Bring water to a boil, remove from heat, then let sit for 30 seconds. Pour ground coffee into French press coffee maker. Pour half of the hot water over the coffee grounds and stir for 5 seconds to mix grounds evenly. Pour in the remaining hot water, careful not to overfill. Place the lid on top with plunger pulled up and let steep for 3 to 4 minutes. Slowly press plunger down, using two hands, hold the French press and pour into a cup.
Is French Press good for tea?Absolutely. Our coffee press is versatile, working just as well as a tea press. The brewing methods are similar, instead of using coarse ground coffee, pour in the loose leaf tea of your choice. This gives you control of how strong or light you want your tea to be, plus the larger carafe allows you to extract more tea from your herbs than if you brewed just a single cup.
How to clean the French press?There are 3 main components of the manual coffee maker that require cleansing: the plunger assembly, glass carafe, and stainless steel housing, all of which are dishwasher safe. If you prefer to hand wash, use a mild dish soap and a sponge, careful to avoid rough scrubbers and brushes as this can scratch and dull the finish.

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